"We become what we behold"                ~Marshall McLuhan


Interacting with the world through the lens of a camera is remarkable! Collaborating with talented professionals who I might not otherwise have the opportunity to connect with outside this professional life, become threads in the fabric of my imagination. Being a working photographer has cultivated  flexibility and my capacity to navigate  obstacles that inevitably arise and bring a sense of wonder to the unexpected.  The creative process has been my life long refuge; a spacious zone where everything is possible.  My co workers, clients and cohorts are my teachers and provide fresh eyes, honest critique and objectivity. Practicing simple virtues of listening and observing contribute to a creative process and become the catalyst for growth as a professional artist. As an adjunct professor, it is a privilege to share experiential knowledge and perspective with students who are committed to cultivating a creative professional life in photography. The benefits of capturing visual essence with a camera are endless and expansive.